Why Manufacturers Of Investment Casting In India Are Inclined To Additive Manufacturing Process

  • By inovacas
  • On 17/07/2014
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Casting manufacturing units use investment casting method for producing complex and sophisticated components in bulk. It's a lost wax process that requires molds (made of wax) for developing castings. This method is being used by companies since years, however new additive manufacturing technology is gaining more interest of manufacturers of investment castings in India. The technology is used for determining new applications for streamlining procedures and empowering manufacturers to create products in new ways.

Investment casting has been used by manufacturing companies to make complex components without material wastage. They use 'wax part' as an investment in the method, which is then coated with ceramic layer. Once the coated component becomes hard at high temperature, the wax is melted from the cavity and molten material can be poured in the cavity. After hardening of molten metal, the ceramic shell can be broken to get the complex component.

Additive technology offers an innovative approach by providing exceptional means to manufacturers of investment castings in India to produce high precision investments in any shape and size. Wax investments can be directly produced by some 3D printers. This 3D printing technology puts a 100-micron layer over the top of another till the completion of structure. Once the mold is structured, the cured resin is evacuated via binder burnout and the rest of the ceramic is sintered in the furnace. A comprehensive ceramic structure is obtained which is then filled with molten metal - aluminium, steel, nickel, copper, etc. to produce castings.

The fact of using additive technology for investment castings by manufacturers in India is the changes that can be done during the development process without any requirement for alteration in tooling. Manufacturers are empowered to change 3D model data and make altered investment casting. This is the reason why most of the engineers and manufacturers in India are inclined to additive technology for manufacturing investment casting in more precise way.

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